Custom Nutrition Coaching

Over a span of 6 weeks, you will work together to create sustainable meal plans to meet your lifestyle and nutritional goals, focusing on learning how to make food work for you rather than against you. Most importantly, be prepared to change the way you think about nutrition and relate to food. Consider it couples therapy for your longest relationship.

You + Food = Friend or Foe?

Package Includes:
-initial consultation
-calculation and implementation of nutrient needs into meal plans
-two weigh-ins, including measurements and body fat, at the beginning and end of the program
-strict, daily accountability
Maggie is certified through Metabolic Effect Nutrition
*As always, consult your doctor before starting any fitness or nutrition program.

Custom Nutrition Coaching

Phase 2

Continue your success with additional strategies to help you smash those goals! Please complete Custom Nutrition Coaching before signing up for Phase 2.


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