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Fitness & Nutrition
Life changes the day you find out that working out can be fun. That moment when you are sweating, laughing with friends, jamming to the music and lost in your favorite workout. That day is magic. The smile lasts and you can't wait to go back. You want to share your excitement with everyone! Shout it out, "hey, that thing I thought was for others is for ME!"

A nutrition program that works for my lifestyle? Be prepared to change the way you think about nutrition and relate to food. Consider it couples therapy for your longest relationship.

This the The Extreme Studio experience

Kids Programs

Kids are born to move! The Extreme Studio has a passion for keeping kids moving! Make it a tumble and trick, fitness fun kind of day! We believe that kids should be active the entire time they are at the studio! No standing in lines waiting for turns! Our kids classes help kids develop strength, increase flexibility and improve coordination. Our fun activities will also teach kids to set goals and interact in positive ways with peers! They will learn that achievement leads to awesome self-esteem! Let's move!

No waiting. Learn. Move.

Featured Fitness Class

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